Mozilla’s Firefox browser blocks Adobe Flash

Mozilla Firefox has started to block the Adobe Flash plugin because of its vulnerabilities, which haven’t been yet addressed by Adobe. Many hackers are now using these vulnerabilities to encrypt other people’s PCs, and then ask a ransom to decrypt them. It’s an old tactic known as crypto-ransomware in the IT world, but the unpatched Flash vulnerabilities have made it too easy for the bad guys.

On most systems, Firefox will display a warning message whenever a page is trying to access the vulnerable. Since the problem affects Windows, Mac and Linux, a patch that fixes these problems is anxiously awaited by hundreds of millions of people from the entire world.


Micro Bit computer’s final design revealed

Micro Bit, a pocket-sized computer will soon be given to 1,000,000 U.K. students. It’s the second revision of the computer; the first one was revealed in March 2015. The main role of the computer is to teach children programming. It’s an interesting initiative, because let’s face it: many students know how to use their computers, tablets and cell phones, but fewer and fewer of them are able to write a simple computer program.

Children will be encouraged to create simple applications, and then test them on the Micro Bit. The small computer includes various sensors and 25 LEDs, which can be programmed using different methods, lighting up in various patterns.

A few of the easy to create programs can turn the Micro Bit into a metal detector, a remote control, a game controler, and so on. The size of the device is about 1.5 x 2 inches and will be given out to 11 and 12 years old children.